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This page is intended for owners within Briar Creek to display Advertisement, and report on satisfactory or unsatisfactory experiences with Vendors / Services used by residents in the community.
Services displayed on this page are not endorsed by the website, merely services with dependable and reliable reputations as reported by owners in Briar Creek

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Owner Servcies




Affordable cat sitting services. I will come to your house and “love your cat”! I have been a cat lover all of my life and truly enjoy and appreciate this special pet. My services will include feeding and fresh water every day, a lot of play and cuddle time, giving any medications necessary, and cleaning the litter box daily. Only $15 a visit! (Less expensive than other cat-sitters.)
Please call Rhonda Bell, 92 Jacaranda Drive,

Need a ride or Pick-up at Airport
Dr. Appointment or local Errands
Pet Sitting
Lynn Lijewski
41 Deer Trail
E-Mail queries to Webmaster@mybriarcreek.com
Queries will be forwarded

Retired nurse of 40 years
offers services of care for your loved ones.
Available any hours for
short or long term care.
Companion care for sitting
or medical needs.
References available.
Beverly 727-744-8477


Need the services of a Notary

Lynn Lijewski
41 Deer Trail





Mobile Home Cleaning
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Repair of broken necklaces, earrings,bracelets
and refurbishing of old jewelry into new.

Call Isabelle Simpson at 603-772-6236


Dog Walking Service phase II 

Going away on vacation or a weekend get-a-way? Or feeling under the weather? I can no longer walk my sweet companion Brewster because he went to the "Rainbow Bridge". So, I would like to walk your dear puppies. I will also take care of most all animals except reptiles. For further information call Barbara Bickerstaffe at Cell 727-239-8180 or Home 727-797-7772.







Vendor Partner Services






Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory

Marshall Cook - Home Washing

A  resident of Safety Harbor is a very dependable, competent gentleman who COMES TO YOUR HOME, at the agreed upon time, washes and hand waxes your vehicle in your driveway!  He charges a very agreeable fee and completes his work in a timely manner.  He is completely self-contained and uses his own water.  He has done a beautiful job for us for several years and we highly recommend him.

Superior Air
Sales tactics and information was less then accurate. They use telemarketers who do not respect the DO NOT CALL list and are very persistent.
House Doctor / Florida Construction Co
Completely removed existing tile and vinyl flooring. Replaced any damaged sub-floor and then install 5/8 inch plywood sub floors in approx. 600 Sq Foot (Kitchen, Foyer, Hallway, Bath. The work was superior in every way using both glue and screws to secure floor and sanded all seams to ensure level floor seams. Work performance was superior and results was more than satisfactory. Highly recommend.  

Florida Anchor and Barrier
I’d like to give Florida Anchor and Barrier and shout-out for the excellent work and service that they provided us.  They were on time, communicative, courteous and did the work under our unit in a professional manner.  They will take pictures of the before and the after if asked and did many little extras that we were not paying for and hadn’t discussed with them.  They gave us suggestions and advice on future issues, if they were to occur, and never tried to pressure us into paying for any additional services. We had a very pleasant experience working with them and would not hesitate to refer them to our friends or use them in the future.

Ray Duncan Plumbing
Found them to be dishonest when it came to hours worked. Technician was new to company and denied that also.

2. Had an issue, contacted Ray Duncan at their Dunedin address, never got a response and then sent a message via their website and  got an immediate call.  Gentleman was very concerned and said mail is not handled in Dunedin, it should all go to the Sarasota address, "that being said, I checked into the issue and will correct it and send the appropriate refund to you today and apologize for the delay and appreciate you contacting us".
I told him that communication or lack there of is the best way to build customer value and support.   "Taking over Ray Duncan Plumbing has been exciting for us and we expected some bumps but we are working hard to make sure we support that customer base, especially in Briar Creek where we have done business for so many years".

Lance Bradley Home Maintenance and Repair

We highly recommend this carpenter. He removed all the sub-flooring in our home and replaced it with 3/4 inch plywood, then replaced all the carpeting, tiled the kitchen and bathroom, installed thresholds and moldings throughout the house.  All work done in a timely manner with an eye for detail. Very meticulous work. 

Gulfbreeze Vinyl, Inc
Mike does reliable work on siding, replacement windows, Screen Enclosure and Roof Over and stands behind his work even years after the works is done. Always competitive pricing and prompt service. Has several repeat jobs in the park.

ASC Aluminum
Came to do roof inspection. Were dishonest with not returning tarp on roof the why they found it.

Best Landscape


Highly recommended for stone landscaping. Recent jobs can be seen at 30 New Fawn Ct and 55 Sugar Bear Drive

Coleman Interiors Inc.

I had the acoustical ceiling replaced on my enclosed porch.  The the furniture was removed, the old ceiling tiles and frames removed and replaced with new.  The insulation was replaced, all the mess was cleaned up, the furniture replaced and all the old ceiling tiles, bundled and placed at street side. All this was done within about 4 hours.  I would highly recommend this company.


AC Allstars
I would like to convey to you my dissatisfaction with the above vendor.
I placed a call to him concerning a ductwork issue in my unit. He focused the discussion more on the requirement for a gas recharge which I explained was not the core problem. He said he would call a sub contractor to obtain a quote to carry out the ductwork repairs, he has not supplied this quote to date.He did not supply a free quote as advertised but charged me $50 for the visit which he said he would apply to the final quote.After he left left I found that neither my AC or heat would would work, I called him to inform him of this situation, again he did not return to fix this issue. Fortunately I was able to fix this issue myself but there are some residents in Briar Creek that would not have been able to restore power themselves.

A Arnie's Dependable
We used the following appliance repair company for our refrigerator recently.  We were very pleased with not only the fast, efficient service, but also with the phone manners of the service person, as well as the reasonable price.  They treated our noisy refrigerator as an "emergency" service call which was a pleasant experience.
 Appliance Repair Service
727-787-2800  *  727-848-9749  *  727-934-8797
Their business card states they work on all makes and models of refrigerators, washers, dryers, ranges, wall air conditioners, dishwashers, garbage disposals, ice makers, and microwaves.

Immaculate and Affordable Cleaning Services
 Contact Myranda 727-953-5188.

Would like to express my recommendation for Myranda (owner of Immaculate and Affordable Cleaning Services).  She advertises in the Monthly Media (Bugle) in the winter months.  She completed a clean out for a one time move and did an excellent job, was on time, price was same as agreed by phone and very pleased with the excellent quality and effort in her overall performance.  She is professional and friendly.  Gets the job done! 


 I hired Patrick O’Dell to paint the entire interior of our home before we moved in. There were many errors and omissions by Patrick and his worker Tim. Most of the door and window jams had streaks and bad spots needing touch up. There were a number of surfaces either left unpainted completely or primed but never given the final coat. My instructions on painting corner trim pieces were ignored in many cases and just painted the same color as the walls. There are a number of spots were the paint was left streaked with the prime coat showing through. Patrick refused to fix the issues unless he was paid the extra $100 that I promised at the start of the job to give him if I was very satisfied with the job at the end (to which he promised a “showcase” job).

Concrete Wizard, Inc.  727-789-5444
We would like to give a “satisfactory” recommendation to Wizard Concrete, Inc. for the driveway work they did.  Several other residents in the Park have used this Company including the Board of Directors and work around the Clubhouse.  They did beautiful work at our home and made sure we were happy with the job and had no further questions before they ever asked for the final payment of the job.  If you ask for “Melissa” to be on the crew, you’ll be very happy with her competent skills and artistry when she puts the design on your driveway “freehand”.  They are NOT the greatest in being on the job when they say the time they will be there but they do show up that morning eventually and do an outstanding job!  You pay in increments of “starting”, “mid” and “finish” and they do not ask for anything until that part of the job is done and you are satisfied.  They do take Visa and other credit cards!  They have hundreds of color choices and patterns and are very patient explaining the job to you.  All in all we would recommend them to anyone.


Tree Service

I wanted to let our owners know that “FROM THE GROUND UP” is a reputable, fair, experienced company for tree service.  I received their name and number from another satisfied customer who lives outside the Park.  We had them in our backyard taking down a extremely large branch off an Oak tree that was hanging over our roof!  A scary situation during hurricane season.  They called when they were on their way, were very safety minded and the father, son and helper were very well versed in what they needed to do for the welfare of the tree itself.  They made sure that the sections they cut did not fall on our roof, shed or plants.  Their clean-up phase was impeccable and thoroughly done.  Their price was very fair, they were licensed and insured and had been in business over 35 years.

 I urge you to get a price quote next time you need their type of service.  Their phone number is 727-831-2148.


Stevens Tree Service of Dunedin, Fl. 
I scheduled work to be completed within 3-4 weeks from the signing.  After the 2nd week, I called to be put on the work schedule and was told that the Scheduling Dept. would be calling me as the time got closer. 4 weeks later i have still not received a call back. I will now call to tell them not to do any work at all and have anoither Tree Service do the work.

Concrete Wizard
They just completed our driveway and patio and did an amazing job with their product. Shawn who did the work was respectful of the property, knew his stuff and cleaned up when finished.  Does not get any better than that

Calello Plumbing
After having a bad experience with Ray Duncan Plumbing who grossly overpriced a job back in April, I had a leak in a pipe connection and was given a referral of Calello Plumbing.  I called them, 727-431-5580, they had a tech stop on his way back to the shop, and was here first thing in the morning and had a very fair price, did what he said was needed.  Used him a few weeks later to have the main shut off replaced and again was very fair in price.  The contractor knew how to work under this type of housing and had such a great attitude

Hanson's Tree Service

The good: Initially they responded shortly after I messaged them (on a Saturday), came to my home and gave me a fair price saying they could do the job (remove a ficus tree) right away. They did not have their proof of license or insurance with them but a neighbor vouched for their character and the paperwork was provided at a later date. They did a good job removing the tree and with clean-up. The Not so Good: They suggested chemicals to remove the stump. I didn't say anything at the time (I know very little about this subject and wanted to research before I did so). After reviewing the other estimates I had received (I had 5 of them) I notified them via messenger the next day (May 26th) that I thought the price included stump grinding and that the other estimates I had received included it. They responded with, "I have a grinder". I told them that there was no hurry but that I would like the stump taken care of. On June 8th I messaged again and asked for a time frame - no response. On June 21 I messaged again - no response. One June 28 I messaged again to which they responded, that they were sorry they had completely forgot. I again asked for a time frame and got no response to date. So..... in their defense, we didn't specifically address the stump prior to the job - lesson learned on my part. Though I do think since this is what they do for a living they should have asked about that if it is a separate charge. And then once I asked about it, if they never intended to grind the stump they should have just said so or quoted a price instead of ignoring my messages or stringing me along for over a month. That isn't good business, nor does it exemplify good character.

Joey Tree Service
Their minimum is $300.00 and $50.00 per palm tree.

I used them on 5/23 as well as John Kroening at 55 Sugar Bear. Very satisfied with work including cleanup. Respectful courteous and professional

They do - tree services, land clearing, stump grinding, crane services, bucket truck services, irrigation services.